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1 Intro (With Michael Sharp)
2 Bounty Killer vs. Raquel
3 Bounty Killer vs. Raquel, Pt. 2
4 Bounty Killer Witness Big Wayne
5 Bounty Killer Witness Big Wayne, Pt. 2
6 Vybez Kartel Trial, Pt. 1
7 Vybez Kartel Witness MJ
8 Vybez Kartel vs. Bounty Killer
9 Vybez vs. Bounty, Pt. 2
10 Muta’s Statement to Vybez
11 Buju on Trial, Pt. 1
12 Muta’s Opening Argument
13 Evidence Against Buju
14 Buju Tape
15 Buju Defense Rests
16 Final Arguments and Closing


Dancehall Mixtape, Featured


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  • MarcAnthony

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